Our Team

Gareth Evans

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Gareth is Lumishore's CTO and leads the development team at the heart of Lumishore's capability. He has a Masters Degree focusing on LED and semiconductor technology, and has been learning, adapting, and developing advanced LED technology since 1996, working with the world's leading LED development companies

Gareth’s passion for LED development and his expertise in this field led to him becoming founding engineer at a start-up company that co-developed high-power LEDs for companies such as Philips and Osram, plus many other medical and military organizations. In 2007 the company was listed on AIM.

Gareth was also part of the development team responsible for the LED array and control electronics behind the world-renowned Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi. 

Gareth combines his LED expertise with his passion for boating, dedicating his time 100% to building the brightest and most technically advanced underwater lights on the market. With this advanced knowledge of LED technology, driver electronics, and thermal management, Lumishore was able to quickly introduce the world's brightest underwater lights to the market, and provide full color change solutions, a first in the underwater market.

Gareth is the company's wakeboarder, and has the medical history to prove it!

Tony Xu

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Tony is Lumishore’s Engineering Director and the other key member of Lumishore’s development team.

Tony's work is at the heart of Lumishore’s LED engine software and the design and integration of all our driver technologies.  He is a world class software & electronics engineer holding a Masters Degree in Electronics.  With 16 years experience in highly complex electronic product development in various LED lighting sectors, Tony is specialized in development and validation of high and low power electronics, hardware, and software integration.

Tony's experience includes the famous Yas Hotel complex lighting which at the time had over 5000 independently addressable LEDs and is the largest external lighting installation in the world, surgical theater lighting, and he has worked with Gareth Evans on advanced lighting sytems in many other different business sectors.

Lumishore’s “Mr. Technology,” Tony’s department is known as “Tony’s Toys” and destruction testing is a speciality! Married and kept youthful by his young daughter, Tony is a Lumishore board member and is ultra-competitive at everything he does.

Keith Wansley

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Keith is President of Lumishore USA and is responsible for all operations in the Americas. He is based in our Sarasota, Florida location.

Keith has spent his life dedicated to the marine industry, with over 30 years of experience working with Raytheon Marine, Apelco, and Raymarine, in senior executive positions. Having spent much of his career in product development, Keith was immediately attracted to Lumishore’s advanced HICOB array LED technology and the advantages it brings over the competition.

We are delighted to have Keith as part of our management team. His exceptional marine industry experience, professionalism, and customer service values compliment Lumishore's technical capabilities perfectly.

Keith benefits from having worked extensively in the UK, so he can translate some of the language used on the other side of “The Pond.” Keith is also famous for knowing everyone at Boat Shows!

Mike Jardine


Mike is Lumishore’s Sales Director.

Mike has a wealth of experience in the yachting industry and especially underwater lighting. Prior to joining Lumishore, Mike spent 10 years as 1st Officer and Captain on a variety of motor and sailing yachts.

Based in Antibes, the Mediterranean center of yachting, Mike joined Lumishore in 2011. "Lumishore opened my eyes regarding what can be achieved with LED lighting, and the potential for even more power and brightness going forward is almost frightening! Working with Lumishore’s unrivalled technical team has been a revelation in terms of their dedication to the cause and the amazing results they achieve."

Mike has widespread contacts within the marine industry, and has built mutual respect with yacht owners and captains alike. Mike’s responsibility is to "spread the word" about Lumishore’s superior range of LED underwater lights, and to expand our worldwide presence.

A soccer aficionado who is a true-blue Evertonian, we all feel sorry for Lindsay and the kids having to listen to that. Fortunately, Mike is also a boating nut so the rest of us have something to talk about.

Eifrion Evans

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Eifrion serves as Chief Executive Officer for Lumishore.  With extensive proven experience in corporate development, Eifrion is recognised internationally for his vision & commitment in defining Lumishore's position as the global leader in underwater LED lighting systems.

Through the years, Eifrion has leveraged his extensive commercial expertise with an entrepreneurial flair to develop a number of successful companies.

A seasoned business executive and graduate MBA, Eifrion has  previously held Board, CEO, Financial control, sales management, and marketing roles for some of the world’s leading blue-chip organisations.

Eifrion is passionate about Customer Service and believes that this value, linked to Lumishore’s technical superiority, will create the winning combination.

Eifrion is also passionate about boating. When not talking about LED underwater lighting, he can be easily coaxed into discussing his dream boat.

Damian Waters

Damian Waters

Damian is Lumishore's Manufacturing & Supply Chain Director and leads the manufacturing team at Lumishore HQ in Swansea, UK.

Damian has a degree in Industrial Design and an early career background in laser system design. His achievements in this field included the Capris 50 laser marking system, awarded Millennium Product status by the Design Council in 1999.

With 20 years experience in manufacturing & supply chain management in markets ranging from capital equipment to advanced technical services, Damian has a wealth of knowledge in manufacturing & customer focused solutions. Having worked with Gareth on our early prototypes, he jumped ship to captain our factory, attracted to the challenge of building a world class manufacturing environment for our world class lights. With a hands-on approach and firm & fair attitude, he is focused on getting the best from his team and delivering a quality product to our customers.

When out of the factory he has a busy home life, juggling his children (three boys & a girl) with his on-going DIY projects. He also admits to owning four mountain bikes, and can be spotted in the mountains every weekend come sun, rain, or snow.

Les Ares


Les joined Lumishore USA in 2013 as Vice President of Sales Americas, directing all Americas' sales activity from Lumishore's US HQ in Sarasota, Florida.

Les earned a B.S. degree in Business Administration from Florida International University and received his M.B.A. from Regis University School of Business Management.

Les is a Licensed Florida Yacht Broker, is an NMEA Certified Installer, was appointed by Florida's former Governor Rick Scott to Florida's Boating Advisory Council, and holds a USCG OUPV Captains License (U.S. Coast Guard Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels), which allows the holder to Captain uninspected vessels up to 100 gross tons (about 75-90 feet long).

Prior to joining Lumishore, Les was Director of Sales at Intellian, led Florida sales efforts for Raymarine, as well as ZF.

Chris Myers


Chris joined Lumishore USA in 2015 as National Sales Manager Americas to further develop and expand Lumishore's valued network of Representatives, Dealers, and OEM Partners from Lumishore's US HQ in Sarasota, Florida.

Chris studied Business at Belmont University and Yacht Design at Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology.

Chris is an avid boater and fisherman having grown up in the Florida Keys and has over 16 years experience in the Marine Industry in a variety of aspects from boat building and product development to sales and finance. 

Prior to joining Lumishore, Chris was Finance Manager for Galati Yacht Sales, and earlier worked with Port Supply and Seakeeper Gyros.

When Chris has spare time it's spent with his Newphie "Hemingway" or on the race track road racing.

Mia Harris


Mia joined Lumishore in 2015 as Divisional Sales Manager, responsible for managing Lumishore's Leisure Marine activities across Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions; and OEMs within the UK. 

Mia has extensive experience in the Marine Industry and expertise and understanding of underwater LED lighting systems. Her commitment to excel and her personable style are a compliment to Lumishore's customer-focused culture.

When not traveling Mia enjoys spending weekends away competing and playing groom for her kids and their ponies.

Our Company | Lumishore Underwater Lighting

The people of Lumishore are underwater lighting specialists, and are focused 100% on providing the best in LED underwater lighting solutions. Lumishore values are expressed in a commitment to providing customers with the best underwater lighting solutions at a price they can afford. The Lumishore team combines leading-edge LED underwater lighting expertise with a passion for boating and the marine environment in particular.

The Lumishore engineering team is committed to underwater LED lights and has been focused for over ten years on the design, development, and manufacture of the brightest, best, and most advanced underwater lighting products available today. It is this underwater LED lights expertise that is uniquely available in the Lumishore line of underwater lighting products.

Product Development

No product can be brought to life in a vacuum. The Lumishore LED underwater lighting design process is based upon customer feedback and suggestions. Our in-house design team then works to integrate those ideas and lighting technologies into a state-of-the-art, patented underwater housing. We work on a very simple premise—Surpass Customer Expectations. This philosophy is intended to keep customers coming back for our underwater lighting products.

Customer Service

Lumishore is committed to seeing that our customers enjoy their LED underwater lighting experience. We are passionate in our mission to provide exceptional value to our customers in the boating community.


With the premise of producing quality underwater LED lights at an affordable price, Lumishore uses the very best marine grade materials to ensure longevity and robustness. Each new product design undergoes a series of vigorous life tests to ensure they meet the high quality demands of the harsh marine environment. We manufacture and test to the highest applicable internationally recognized standards, to ensure our customers a product that will perform consistently and last for years.

Reduced Cost

By calling upon our volume manufacturing expertise, Lumishore endeavors to provide advanced LED underwater lights at a significantly lower cost. Our aim is to pass on those savings and provide all boat owners a complete and cost-effective underwater lighting product.


Innovation is at the heart of Lumishore. Whether it’s an LED array, electronic driver, or the overall underwater lighting design, the engineers at Lumishore are always exploring new and improved techniques to ensure the Lumishore product range and quality will remain far ahead of the competition. The Lumishore technology is second to none and we will continue to be at the forefront of underwater lighting innovation.

Lumishore is leading the way in LED Underwater Lighting!