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Underwater Dock Lights, LED Marine Lights, Marinas and Water Features

Lumishore LED underwater dock lights can be used in a wide variety of marina lighting or land-based lighting applications. Our DockLite range of LED marine lights are available to brighten up your underwater viewing experience in the marina, at your home dock, or architectural applications. DockLite underwater lights are specifically designed as a multi-purpose underwater light suitable for many applications. The compact but powerful DockLite LED marine lights are easily concealed and require little or no modification to your docking areas, unlike old style lights that use bulky, recessed fixtures. Lumishore DockLites offer superior lighting quality and can increase safety and security by providing proper lighting to dark areas where unfortunate things can happen. Underwater dock lights make a great visual enhancement to any waterfront setting.

The DockLlite fixture surface mounts with just three small screws, allowing for a quick an inexpensive installation. They can also be supplied with an optional installation pack that includes hardware and fixing arms. Because DockLites run on 12 Volts DC, no dangerous high voltage is placed near the water, making for a much safer installation. We recommend that all LED marine lights be professionally installed, and your electrical contractor can contact Lumishore for recommendations as to the proper power supply to convert from 120 or 240 Volts AC. We can also help with the proper spacing when multiple dock lights are installed.

The DockLite range of LED marine lights are available in either White, Green, or Blue. DockLites are also ideal for fountains, fishponds, bathing areas, or any damp location where conventional fixtures deteriorate quickly. Don't be afraid of the dark when near the water. Let Lumishore LED DockLites show you the way to a safer and more beautiful lighting solution.

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Our Underwater Dock Lights are far superior to anything else on the market!