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Stunning underwater vistas, night-time swimming, or simply the ultimate personalization; whatever the reason, underwater yacht lights are recognized as the preferred way of adding that "special" touch to any boat. Your Motor Yacht or Cruiser takes you to far-away, unfamiliar ports, and yacht lighting can make for a successful docking experience in strange marinas. Anchored out or travelling through congested waterways? Lumishore underwater yacht lights will make your vessel stand out in the crowd. If security is your concern, yacht lighting, including underwater lights, can provide the additional security you need to make for a safe and secure voyage.

Lumishore underwater yacht lights provide brighter underwater lighting while embracing the latest technology for improved efficiency & performance. Lumishore Thru-Hull and Surface Mount underwater yacht lights are available in a broad range of single colors, with the highest light outputs (830 to over 16,000 fixture lumens) available. 

In addition to our traditional single color yacht light, our unique Color-Change and Color Select models provide the ultimate yacht light experience with light and intensity control at the owner or crew's fingertips. The amazing HICOB LED array enables Lumishore to produce smaller "Flush-Fit" yacht light models, which are well suited for hull sides or other areas where flush-fitting is required. Our design capability, based upon a working career dedicated to advanced LED technologies, ensures that our underwater yacht lights are brighter and better than our competitor's offerings. Less wasted energy, along with advanced thermal, electrical, and data management techniques make our yacht lighting products stand out from the crowd.

At Lumishore we are committed to provide the best yacht light available. We will continue to pursue the highest levels of customer satisfaction, as well as the most advanced LED technology available today. Whether you want to light up your yacht, cruiser or Super Yacht, we have a yacht light solution for you.

So untie the lines and set course for exotic locations. With Lumishore yacht lighting, you'll see and be seen.

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Lumishore also offers consultancy and intregration for your Super Yacht light project.

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