LED Underwater Boat  Lighting - The "No-Holes" Solutions

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Even small boats, RIBs, tenders, and PWCs can benefit from LED underwater lighting. Lumishore has set out to provide real solutions by offering "no holes" installation options. The compact but extremely powerful Lumishore HICOB LED array makes it ideal for applications where space is a premium.

Small craft owners have two models to choose from. The Drivelite range can be mounted to an outboard motor's cavitation plates, a swim platform, or even the trim tabs. The units are secured with rugged stainless steel clamps or by use of an optional mounting bracket, and can be easily removed for security purposes or to use on another boat.

The RIBLite is a compact LED fixture that mounts in place of the vessel's drain plug, either singly or in pairs. It's the ideal way to enjoy the benefits of underwater lighting without the need to drill holes in your vessel's hull. Both models are available in three solid colours (Blue, White, Green), in either 18 or 36 Watt power options, and come with a convenient keyfob remote control. 

Think your boat's too small for underwater lights? Lumishore doesn't, and we've got the lights to prove it.

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