Super Yachts  - LED Underwater lighting solutions


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The most beautiful boat in the harbor deserves to look stunning at night, too. Brilliant underwater lighting makes your Super Yacht stand out and enhances its gracious lines after the sun goes down. Lumishore underwater LED lighting allows you to enjoy night swimming, helps friends find your floating party, and provides you the means to navigate crowded marinas in safety.

Lumishore offers a full range of high-wattage thru-hull lights for even the largest vessels. Our lights come in standard models suitable for transom mounting, and flush-fit models that can be mounted on the side of the hull to provide a luminous full-vessel halo that will have minimal effect on the boat's performance.

For ships that require light fixtures that are permanently mounted within the hull, Lumishore offers weld-in units for both aluminum and steel hulls, along with fixtures that can be glassed-in to fiberglass vessels.  These units are accessible from inside the hull should servicing be required or the owner wishes to change the color of the light.

All Lumishore LED underwater lights are available in single colors or with our unique Color-Change system. Color-Change allows for six preset colors, manual mix to create any shade the owner desires, automatic color cycling, strobe modes, and DMX audio input synchronization.

For the most demanding installations, Lumishore will be happy to offer consultation services and design the perfect system for your unique vessel. Your Super Yacht is an extension of your personality. Let Lumishore present you in the best light.

For information on buying Lumishore's stunning lights contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .