Do underwater lights REALLY attract baitfish?

Well Lumishore lights definitely do! Like moths to a lightbulb baitfish are attracted to high-powered underwater lights. Check out the number of baitfish around this 54' Hatteras "Fabricator" in Pensacola, Florida.


Mag Bay Yachts Lake Life with Lumishore

A Lumishore-edited version of Mag Bay Yachts "Lake Life" video featuring its Mag Bay 33, a stunning center console, filmed over three days at Lakes Mohave and Havasu in Arizona.


The Fun Begins at Sunset!

Lumishore’s EOS Series colour change underwater lighting on a 24m/80' yacht filmed in Corsica and Cannes, French Mediterranean, 2016.


Lumishore 'Louvre' SY300 & SY310 Superyacht Lights

Lumishore’s new patented weld-in lighting system with adjustable ‘Louvre’ LED array eliminates long, angled flanges. Louvre SY300/SY310 lights boast an internal lens system that allow Superyacht builders a flush-fit, weld-in flange for each and every underwater light installation regardless of hull shape.


Lumishore EOS Series Colour Change Underwater Lighting System

Lumishore's groundbreaking EOS Series underwater lighting system not only offers the brightest colour change underwater lights available, but also includes Lumishore's unique EOS Color Controller - the only color controller 'designed with-and-for boaters' with its compact, clear glass-bridge screen and intuitive use.


Team South Florida Boat Center at the Sailfish Challenge

Beautiful video from our friends at Team South Florida Boat Center during this years #‎SailfishChallenge, nicely done gentlemen!


Lumishore EOS Color Change Underwater Lighting, Lerins Islands, France

Beautiful! Squadron 78 with Lumishore EOS Color Change Underwater LED Lighting off the coast of Cannes, Lerins Islands, France.


Lumishore at the 2016 Miami International Boat Show

Erik Kyle, Publisher of Great Lakes Scuttlebutt Magazine, speaks to Les Ares, Lumishore's VP of Sales, at the 2016 Miami International Boat Show.


2016 Cannes Fireworks & Lumishore

Drone video of the 2016 New Year Fireworks, Cannes, France


THE LUMISHORE LIFE / Night Swimming in Antibes

Come on a journey to Antibes with our friends, drones, and our beautiful colour-changing underwater light systems! With lights that dance to the beat of your music, we can make your nights as bright as your days.


Lumishore EOS SMX92 & SMX152 Colour-Change Underwater Lights

Get to know Lumishore's NEW SMX92 & SMX152 EOS Series Colour Change Surface Mount Underwater LED Lights!


Lumishore color-change underwater LED lights

Lumishore's Thru-Hull underwater LED lights, fitted to a client's boat, photographed in Antibes, south of France, 2009. The lights are shown "cycling" through all the colours of the rainbow in this video, but they can also be frozen on any colour. White, blue, bright pink, green, strobe flashing - you choose any colour you want, and change your mind any time you want, using the digital control panel that is fitted onto the dashboard of the boat, with blue illumination. These are unique lights using the best LED technology. No one else supplies lights like these for yachts. They are availabe from Lumishore now.


IBI (International Boat Industry) magazine investigates what makes Lumishore tick

IBI looks at what has made Lumishore the LED underwater lighting success story. World-renowned for its innovative , bright, compact and reliable underwater lights and systems for Super Yachts and all Leisure Boats ; IBI looks at some of the values, know-how and processes behind that success.


Underwater Boat Color-Change LED Lights in Action - Helicopter and Underwater Shots Shots

This video is of 's underwater color-change lights in action near Ft Lauderdale in October 2010. The video shows two Thru-Hull THX72 color-change lights in various different 'modes' and intensity levels on a Grady White. All of these modes are standard features of the Lumishore on-board controller.


Lumishore 101: TIX202 - The Smallest Thru-Hull Interchangeable LED Light

Say hello to the Lumishore TIX202 - the slimmest thru-hull interchangeable LED light on the market! Want to know more about underwater LED lights? Visit where you can look at our entire product catalogue and even use our new Configurator to build your own boat of dreams! - Facebook: - Twitter:


Underwater Boat Color-Change LED Lights in Action - Wake Shots

This video is of 's underwater lights in action near Antibes in April 2009. The video shows color-change lights 'cycling' through the colors. This is one of the fixed modes which are a standard feature of the Lumishore on-board controller. The cycle speed can be set to individual preference.


A Man, A Boat & His LED Underwater Lights

Assorted clips of a rib with Lumishore's underwater Drivelites fitted. These are solid color Blues.


Color-Change Lights at Anchor

These are a client's boat at anchor with the Thru-Hull color-change lights fitted and in color cycle mode. The stunning outputs of the lights can be clearly seen in these images and clips.


Color-Change Thru-Hulls on 82' Viking

82' Viking "Lady Di" in Riviera Beach, Florida showing off her Lumishore THX120-CCP Color Change Underwater LED Lights.


Lumishore Thru Hull, Drivelites, Riblites & Shorelites

These are assorted images from the Lumishore image library of our bright and powerful LED lighting in various installations and locations.