Dock & Marina Lighting

Do you have a marina that would be enhanced by brightening up or a dock behind the house that feels insecure at night?  How about a fountain or architectural scape or other water feature that needs to come alive after dark with beautiful underwater lighting effects? Lumishore has the marine lights to do the job.

Lumishore offers more than underwater boat lighting. We are recognized as the award-nominated industry leader in all applications of underwater marine lighting systems. Lumishore has the underwater lighting system for your marina, dock, water feature or pond - for any underwater feature where a high quality marine light provides the desired waterside setting.

For commercial applications, our marine LED lights are a great addition to your marina or water front establishment. If you are looking for a stunning waterside effect or safer waterside environment. we have a marine light for you. We offer extensive power and color options to enhance your desired setting. Our DockLite series of marine LED lights is the preferred model for marina or dock lighting solutions. The Lumishore DockLite marine LED lighting system is the most powerful and cost effective marine lighting system available today. With its compact design and easy installation the DockLite series of marine lights can be installed just about anywhere, needing very little space whilst delivering stunning lighting effects.

If you are thinking about adding quality marine LED lights to your water side feature it's time to check out Lumishore.

To find out where to buy our LED marine lighting products you can find a Lumishore dealer in your area here.

Brighten up your Marina, Pond, Waterfeature, or Dock with a Lumishore DockLite Underwater Marine Lighting System.