Dock & Marina Lighting

DockLites - Underwater LED Lighting System for Docks, Marinas and Water Features

Lumishore's underwater LED lighting systems are not just for boats. Using the same award-winning technology as our boat lighting, Lumishore DockLites bring amazing new opportunities for fixed shoreside applications and water features, providing beautiful, tranquil waterside settings, as well as additional lighting for safety and security.

DockLites are a powerful, efficient, and a cost effective underwater lighting solution. Their compact design and powerful performance allows discrete installation, while providing world-class lighting performance with up to 4,000 fixture lumens, a 60° or 90° beam angle, and extensive color options. Suitable for docks, marinas, pontoons, water features, fountains, and ponds - or any underwater feature where a high-quality beautiful light is desired.

For commercial applications, Lumishore DockLites are a great addition to your marina or waterfront establishment to create a stunning waterside effect or for increased safety and security around your waterside environment. DockLites can be installed just about anywhere, needing very little space while impressing your guests with stunning lighting effects.

Professional installation of DockLites is recommended.


  • Brighter and more powerful with a wider beam angle than competitor offerings – fewer fixtures required
  • Best price performance lumen-per-watt on the market
  • Compact design enables discrete mounting and additional installation options
  • Unlimited choice of color
  • "Fit-and-Forget" service-free operation (sealed long-life LED fixture - no bulb to change)
  • Optional maintenance arm (DLX-ARM) pivots 180° for easy installation, cleaning and inspecting
  • Operates above and below the waterline to accommodate tidal changes