Underwater Boat Lighting

A vibrant component of any boating experience

Lumishore provides innovative underwater LED lighting solutions that deliver extreme brilliance; they're smaller, more efficient, and outperform the competition. 

If you're unsure of exactly how many lights or which models are right for your boat check out the cool new online ‘Configurator’ exclusively from Lumishore, which allows you to choose your boat and then test drive all the various mounting locations, light models, quantity and color options before you buy.

Benefits of Lumishore:

  • Brighter and more powerful lighting with a wider beam angle than competitor offerings – fewer fixtures required
  • Best price performance lumen-per-watt on the market
  • Choice of mounting types, colors, and control devices that best suit the boat and boater
  • We test every single light we make
  • Warranty of up to 3-years

Mounting Types:

  • Surface Mount - typically for boats up to 40' on the transom or side hull, easy to install, built-in driver
  • Thru-Hull - designed for larger vessels on the transom, side and bottom hull, offers a more secure fitting, external driver
  • Interchangeable Thru-Hull - designed for larger vessels, offers a secure fitting that is serviceable from inside the hull without hauling on the transom, side and bottom hull, built-in driver

Beam Angles:

  • 60° - Focused beam, creates a more direct beam of light
  • 90° - Wide beam, creates a nice halo effect around the vessel
  • 110° - Ultra-wide beam, the widest available, creates an uninterupted halo of light around the vessel

Product Series:

ORA Series - Single Color

  • Blue, White, and Green color options
  • Surface Mount and Interchangeable Thru-Hull models
  • 1,100 - 4,100 fixture lumens
  • 60° beam angle

Supra Series - Dual Color

  • '2-lights-in-1' with full-power Dual-color (blue & white)
  • Surface Mount, Thru-Hull and Interchangeable Thru-Hull models
  • 2,000 - 17,000 fixture lumens
  • 90° - 110° beam angle

EOS Series - Color Change

  • High-performance full spectrum color change
  • Surface Mount, Thru-Hull and Interchangeable Thru-Hull models
  • A choice of intuitive control devices
  • Preprogrammed synchronized light sequencing for hassle-free set up
  • 4,000 - 15,500 fixture lumens
  • 90° - 110° beam angle