e-lite: Brightest Available Surface Mounted Underwater LED Lights

Lumishore e-lites continue to redefine standards for Surface Mounted LED lighting systems

Lumishore e-lites deliver leading edge light outputs up to an unrivalled 3,600 fixture lumens, out-performing all competing surface mounts, as well as most Thru-Hull units from other manufacturers, allowing boat owners to enjoy the brightest, most beautiful underwater lighting effects, previously available only with Thru-Hull lights.

All e-lite surface mounts boast an extremely wide 90° light beam angle, which is key to ensure a ‘swimming pool’ effect and wide, even hull glow with no compromise to light penetration.  Easy to install, the extremely high output, leading edge features of the e-lite underwater LED lighting systems bring unrivalled benefits and cost effectiveness to the small boat market, through a combination of advanced, beautifully designed polymer bodies, proprietary thermal management techniques, and powerful LED lighting arrays.

All e-lite models are amphibious for above and below waterline operation, where the light is not continually submerged. We recommend the SMX21/SMX51 for splash zone applications.

All e-lite bodies are extremely compact with the slimmest of flush fit profiles (12.7mm / 0.7”) for installation on transoms and hull sides. A cable hole of only 6mm (0.25") is required.  With a growth-resistant advanced polymer overmold body, e-lites are corrosion proof and require neither bonding nor painting.

All e-lite’s are “fit and forget” due to integrated protection systems to ensure light performance and longevity, including under voltage light protection, voltage surge protection, ‘soft start’ LED life protection, automatic thermal rollback (ATRB) protection and reverse polarity protection.


  • Up to 3,600 fixture lumens: Brightest, most efficient, compact LED surface mounted underwater led lights available, bar none
  • Corrosion proof - AOM polymer, chemically resistant bodies
  • Increased installation options - low profile and compact. 
  • The perfect "Swimming Pool" effect - 90° wide beam angles
  • Above and below water operation - advanced light engine design with ATRB (Active Thermal Roll-Back)
  • Battery Low Voltage warning system
  • Constant light output - even on 12-Volt boats
  • Suitable for 12 and 24 Volt DC systems
  • Easy installation -- integrated electronics and small (6mm/0.25") hole requirement
  • "Easi-Seal" for simple and safe underwater led installation
  • Our LED lights for boats can be used in Ambient temperatures up to 50°C (125°F)

Long Life & Reliability:

  • 50,000 + hr LED life
  • Philips Power LED
  • Soft Start - Electrical System Protection
  • Advanced Thermal Management
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Voltage Surge Protection
  • Waterproof - IP68-rated


The perfect surface mounted underwater LED lights from Lumishore!