LED Underwater Lighting for Yachts

The Lumishore Thru-Hull is designed for those owners who would prefer the integrity of a thru-hull installation using the most powerful, efficient, and cost effective underwater LED lighting systems on the market today.

Available in a variety of power levels, the Lumishore Thru-Hull is suitable for all sizes and types of watercraft, including Sports Boats, Cruisers, Yachts, and Super Yachts in which a permanent hull fixture is required.

The Lumishore Thru-Hull makes a desirable replacement fitting for existing underwater hull lighting systems, and is manufactured to the highest standards from the finest marine grade materials.


  • Brightest and most efficient LED underwater lights available, bar none
  • Best price performance on the market.
  • Total flexibility over installation and color options
  • Compact design, enabling greater flexibility of installation options
  • Wider angle lens for the perfect "Swimming Pool" effect
  • Easily retro-fitted to existing installations for upgrade from other lighting systems
  • Advanced light engine design increases the reliability of the system
    • 50,000+ hour life
    • Thermal cut-off
    • Proprietary 'Soft-Start' LED for boat electronics protection
    • Multi-channel constant light output
    • Integrated light installation & maintenance systems
  • Flush-Fit models (THX301, TIX301, TIX601, TIX801-CCP) for hull sides and transoms
  • Lloyds Type Approval for security of mind—including  full EMC/EMI compliance—a first for the industry
  • All outputs specifications have been independently tested by an accredited lighting test center