Total Color Control - EOS : Setting new Standards for Underwater Lighting

Equip your boat with the best, most beautiful individual color changing lights in the world - the revolutionary new Lumishore EOS Thru-Hull Color-Change underwater LED lighting systems have arrived.

With individual control of each light, including color and brightness settings, the Lumishore EOS Color-change system allows you to have full control of your underwater lights in a way never previously available.  You now have access to a whole new range of functions to let you control and set your underwater LED lighting just the way you want for your boat.

The revolutionary and extremely compact Lumishore EOS system includes an easy to use, click and play, glass-bridge style color screen controller that allows you to identify and individually control up to 128 EOS underwater lights from a single EOS controller.  The Lumishore EOS STV 2201 color controller offers full wireless integration with smartphones and tablets, as well as 2-way DMX, to bring integrated Sound-to-Light and a whole host of additional innovative new EOS functions as standard.

EOS lets you personalise your underwater lighting in a totally unprecedented way to create the most beautiful lighting effects including: 

  • Change the color and/or light intensity of individual lights
  • Choose from a wide selection of preset colours, colour scenes and colour sweeps
  • Preset light groups and color cycles include stunning ‘Sunrise’, ‘Miami’, and ‘Ice’ color selections
  • Create and set you own favourite colors, choosing from 16,000+ tones and shades
  • Set variable speed and light intensity for fish attraction strobe modes 
Full 2-way DMX compatibility as standard further allows:
  • Sound-to-Light integration, synchronising light color changes to whatever music is being played onboard or on a tablet or smartphone
  • Full realtime feedback of individual light operations and diagnostics
As with all Lumishore Thru-Hulls, the EOS Thru-Hull Color-Change System is designed for those owners who want the integrity of thru-hull installations using the most powerful, efficient, and cost effective underwater LED lighting systems on the market today.

Available in a variety of power levels, the Lumishore Thru-Hull is suitable for all sizes and types of watercraft, including Sports Boats, Cruisers, Yachts, and Super Yachts in which a permanent hull fixture is required.

The Lumishore Thru-Hull Color-Change System makes a desirable replacement fitting for existing underwater hull lighting systems, and is manufactured to the highest standards from the finest marine grade materials. 

EOS Color Change – Benefits: 

  • By far the brightest Color Change lights available on the market
  • Click and play designed-for-boats full screen color controller
  • High Performance and Light Output in all colors - consistently the brightest across the whole range of the color spectrum
  • Wi-Fi control via iPhone or iPad using standard Apps
  • Advanced driver/control design increases integrity of system
  • Unique control over color and light intensity of individual lights
  • 12 Preset Colors, including 6 ‘favorite’ colors you can customize
  • Variable speed Color Cycle  and Colour Sweeps you can control at the touch of a button
  • Full DMX compatibility using standard 2-way DMX512 protocols
  • Best LED Price Performance on the market
  • Total flexibility over installation and color options
  • Easily retro-fitted to existing installations
  • Exceptional 110° wide light beam angle, to create a beautiful light ‘pooling’ effect