About Lumishore


The people at Lumishore are underwater lighting specialists, and are focused 100% on providing the best value in LED underwater lighting solutions. Lumishore values are a commitment to providing customers with the best underwater lighting solutions at a price they can afford. The Lumishore team combines leading-edge LED underwater lighting expertise with a passion for boating and the marine environment in particular.

The Lumishore engineering team is committed to underwater LED lights and has been focused for over ten years on the design, development, and manufacture of the brightest, best, and most advanced underwater lighting products available today. It is this underwater LED lights expertise that is uniquely available in the Lumishore line of underwater lighting products.


Innovation is at the heart of Lumishore. Whether it’s an LED array, electronic driver, communication middleware or the overall underwater lighting design, the engineers at Lumishore are always exploring new and improved techniques to ensure the Lumishore product range and quality will remain far ahead of the competition. Lumishore technology is second to none and we will continue to be at the forefront of underwater lighting innovation.

Customer Service

Lumishore is committed to seeing that our customers enjoy their LED underwater lighting experience. We are passionate in our mission to provide exceptional value to our customers in the boating community.


With the premise of producing quality underwater LED lights at an affordable price, Lumishore uses the very best marine grade materials to ensure longevity and robustness. Each new product design undergoes a series of vigorous life tests to ensure they meet the high quality demands of the harsh marine environment. We manufacture and test to the highest applicable internationally recognized standards, to ensure our customers a product that will perform consistently and last for years.

Product Development

No product can be brought to life in a vacuum. The Lumishore LED underwater lighting design process is based upon customer feedback and suggestions. Our in-house design team then works to integrate those ideas and lighting technologies into a state-of-the-art, patented underwater housing. We work on a very simple premise – surpass customer expectations. This philosophy is intended to keep customers coming back for our underwater lighting products.

Efficiency & Cost Reduction

Lumishore endeavors to provide advanced LED underwater light solutions at a significantly lower cost. Our aim is to pass on those savings and provide all boat owners a complete and cost-effective underwater lighting product.

Lumishore is leading the way in LED Underwater Lighting!