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Lumi-Link MFD Black Box Module

Control Your Lights Directly From Your Multi-Function Display

Lumi-Link MFD Black Box Module allows full control of your Lumishore EOS Series lighting system directly from your compatible MFD with Lumishore's award-winning full functionality. 

The compact Black Box Module simply connects to the MFD with a single plug-&-play connector and you’re done! The device is recognized and the Lumishore icon is displayed on the main screen.

Select any color from the touchscreen color palette quickly and easily, adjust intensity, or choose from any one of the many in-built effects like strobe, sweep or cycle modes. And for the ultimate party accessory, choose ‘Sound-to-Light’ mode by selecting the media player along with your favorite song and watch the lights dance to the music.

No other controllers or switches are needed, the Lumi-Link Black Box Module provides control of your Lumishore lighting directly from your MFD.

• Learn more about the Lumi-Link Bridge Module to control your EOS or SUPRA Series lights with an additional controller or switch.

• Watch a quick demonstration video on our Vimeo or YouTube channel (English & Italian subtitles available, choose in settings).

• Read what Superyacht News learned about Lumi-Link from their behind-the-scenes visit to Lumishore's headquarters in Swansea, UK.

Key Features & Benefits:

• Lumi-Link provides full-featured lighting control directly from your compatible MFD

• No other controllers or digital switches are necessary

• Wi-Fi control via iOS connected device (via MFD Wi-Fi)

• Specifically designed for ease of installation

• Plug-and-play connections

• Compatibility:  Now available for Garmin MFD's with OneHelm™Integration


Downloads (pdf):

• Specification Sheet

• Installation & Operation Manual