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All-in-One On/Off & Momentary Switch

Lumi-Switch is a low-profile, dash mount Carling-style rocker switch and proprietary all-in-one On/Off/Momentary switch that enhances the functionality of several Lumishore products. Use for quick and easy access to the most common SUPRA Series and EOS SMX features such as Preset Colors, Color Cycle and Strobe.

Lumi-Switch is compatible with SUPRA Series SMX and THX/TIX lights (2016/17 models: SMX22/52/102, THX402/802/1602, and TIX402/802/1602) - switch between blue and white colors, fade colors, strobe colors in 2-speeds, and adjust brightness.

Lumi-Switch is compatible with EOS Series Surface Mount (SMX92/152) lights - select preset colors, color cycles, strobe colors and adjust strobe speed.

For large installations (more than 15A), Lumi-Switch should be used with a relay, which is already included with all Lumi-Hubs.


Key Features & Benefits:

• Lumi-Switch is an All-in-One On/Off & Momentary Switch

• Mounting: Low-profile dash mount

• Housing Type: Polymer Molded

• Compatibility: SUPRA Series 2016/17 models: SMX22/52/102, THX402/802/1602, and TIX402/802/1602; and EOS Series 2016/17 models: Surface Mount SMX92/152 underwater lighting systems


Downloads (pdf):

Specification Sheet

Installation & Operation Manual