Lumishore’s New Patented Weld-in Lighting System With Adjustable ‘Louvre’ LED Array Eliminates Long, Angled Flanges

Lumishore introduces the new Louvre lens model, together with its all-new range of Weld-in underwater LED lighting systems for Superyachts

September 28th, 2016 – Swansea, UK and Monaco – Lumishore, the global leader in the design and manufacture of the world’s leading high-performance underwater LED lighting systems, introduces its all-new range of weld-in lights for Superyachts, including its innovative new ‘Louvre’ models with patented LED array, eliminating the need for long, angled flanges.

'Louvre' SY300/SY310 lights boast an internal lens system that allow Superyacht builders a flush-fit, weld-in flange for each and every underwater light installation regardless of hull shape. This simple but very efficient innovation provides a significantly easier installation with multiple benefits to the installer, owner and crew. The louvered LED array of each light is adjusted internally to account for hull angles, eliminating the light lost in traditional long, angled tube flanges, therefore optimizing light output and maintaining a consistent beam angle around the entire vessel.

Available in both internal and external access models, the new lights may be installed nearly anywhere on the hull including limited-access areas such as bulbous bow, water tanks, and wet and black water areas without further cofferdams or Delrin covers. SY310, with its external access, may also be installed in fuel tanks, providing even hull spacing between lights regardless of obstacles within the hull.

Lumishore’s Louvre weld-in underwater LED lighting system is available in a choice of colors: award-winning EOS full color change with glass bridge-style EOS color controller, or SUPRA dual color (white and blue). Each Louvre model features a 50,000+ hour LED lifespan, up to 20,000 verified fixture lumens, pre-programmed light synchronization (all lights, all modes, all colors), light intensity adjust, full Lloyd’s Type Approval including safety-critical EMC/EMI compliance testing, and a 3-year warranty.

‘Standard’ SY250 models are the same size light fixture as Lumishore’s earlier SYX150/180 models offering a direct, bolt-on upgrade with improved LED array and increased light output. SY250 weld-in lights provide a perfect flush mount fitting for steel and aluminum hull Superyachts; a range of flange angles is readily available.

Available in EOS full color change and SUPRA dual color (white and blue) with up to 15,500 verified fixture lumens, ultra-wide 110° and focused 60° beam angles, full Lloyd’s Type Approval including safety-critical EMC/EMI compliance testing, and a 3-year warranty.

‘Compact’ SY220 fixtures provide an ultra-slim internal profile of just 139mm (5.47”) and may be fitted where hull space is limited or access restricted to create even spacing of the lights regardless of obstacles inside the vessel; a range of flange angles is readily available. The infamous ‘Halo Effect’ around the entire hull of the ship is easily achieved with a consistent, evenly-spaced pattern -- and with fewer lights -- due to the unique ultra-wide 110° beam option offered only by Lumishore.

Available in ORA single color (white or blue), and EOS full color change with up to 10,000 verified fixture lumens, full Lloyd’s Type Approval including safety-critical EMC/EMI compliance testing, and a 3-year warranty.

See the new ‘Louvre’ models, together with Lumishore’s all-new Weld-in ‘Compact’, ‘Standard’ and ‘Retro-fit’ underwater lighting systems, at the Monaco Yacht Show, Stand No. QS97 ‘Darse Sud’, September 28 - October 1, 2016.

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By Susan James
September 28th, 2016