LUMISHORE Launches EOS Color-Change System

January 16, 2014 — Swansea, UK and Sarasota, FL - Lumishore, the world’s leading LED underwater light manufacturer, today announces a major product launch adding to its highly acclaimed Color Changing Underwater LED Lighting solutions.

With immediate availability, the revolutionary new Lumishore EOS Thru-Hull Color Change system offers totally unique functionality with unrivalled Color Change light performance never seen before on the market. The new Lumishore EOS System sets new standards in Light performance and granularity of light control with a range of new innovative features:

• Three new fixtures with nearly three times the brightness of existing lights

• By far the brightest Color Change lights available on the market, across the whole range of the color spectrum, with an exceptional 110’ wide beam angle

• Up to 128 high performance EOS Thru-Hull Underwater lights can be individually controlled by one EOS controller

Easy to use, the click and play, compact Lumishore designed glass-bridge style EOS Color Controller Screen boasts a large color screen enabling individual control of each EOS light’s color and intensity. The EOS controller offers full wireless integration with smartphones and tablets, and brings integrated Sound-to-Light and other innovative new EOS functions as standard, including:

• 12 preset light colors and preset light groups with individual light control, user controlled light intensity, and multiple fish attraction variations, choice of multiple color scenes and color sweeps, including ‘Sunrise’, ‘Miami’ and ‘Ice’ scenes

• Fully integrated EOS wireless integration with smartphone and tablet

• Fully integrated 2-way DMX, unique to the market, providing exciting Sound-to-Light mode, comprehensive individual EOS light operating and diagnostic information, crisper light scenes and smoother color changes and sweeps

The new EOS Lighting system offers many functions not previously available to create beautiful and individual underwater lighting effects, that boat owners have been waiting for.

“We are proud to continue to lead the Underwater Lighting market, with the launch of the revolutionary new Lumishore EOS Color Changing system.” says Eifrion Evans CEO of Lumishore. “EOS brings, exciting, new capability to create the most beautiful and individual underwater lighting effects that were simply not available before. Boat owners can now take full advantage of the potential offered by LED lighting, including personalized color sequences and scenes, full light intensity control, wi-fi control via smartphones as well as stunning Sound-to-Light integration for ultimate light synchronization.”


By Susan James
January 16th, 2014