Lumishore Releases Upgraded Surface Mount Range

October 8, 2013 — Swansea, UK and Sarasota, FL - Lumishore Ltd., the world’s leading LED Underwater Light manufacturer, today made a significant upgrade to its highly acclaimed Surface Mount (SMX) underwater LED lighting range.

Immediately available, three new high output SMX models join the DAME Award nominated Lumishore range of Colour Change Surface Mount, Super Yacht, Thru-Hull, and Surface Mount underwater LED lighting systems. All Lumishore Underwater LED lights offer full colour change options. Lumishore customers enjoy the brightest, best, and definitely the coolest underwater LED lights. With outputs up to 3,200 fixture lumens, Lumishore SMX far out-perform all competing surface mounts as well as most Thru-Hull units from other manufacturers.

Lumishore SMX models feature:

• Brightest available light outputs from any surface mount lights

• Hermetically sealed to protect against moisture and water ingress

• Corrosion proof, growth resistant advanced polymer body

• Integrated driver for ease and flexibility of installation on all hull types

• Very slim flush-fit housing profile of just 12.7mm (0.5") or 16mm (0.7") making them easy to install on transom and on hull sides

• Over voltage/current, reverse polarity, soft start, and Lumishore proprietary automatic thermal rollback (ATRB) to protect the light and the boat’s electrical systems

Widely recognised as the most technically advanced lights with reliable long-term operation, the Lumishore Surface Mount lights produce a beautifully even pool effect thanks to their exceptional 90° beamlight angle.


By Susan James
October 8th, 2013