Marine LED Technology by Lumishore

Product Excellence & Reliability

Every Lumishore underwater and above water light and lighting system is the direct result of our in-house engineers' design and development know-how and capabilities. Our electronic, mechanical and electrical engineers are the undoubted leaders in their field and have developed Lumishore products exclusively for use in the marine/boating environment and for product excellence and reliability.

Lumishore Drivers & Controllers

Lumishore design and develop all our own driver and controller technology in house – designed from the bottom up for the marine environment. All the software, middleware and hardware layouts are developed in-house by our own engineers, without reliance on 3rd party equipment, arrays or drivers designed for other non-marine applications.

Lumishore HICOB Arrays

Smallest dual-color and full 4-channel arrays available with the highest efficiencies. The highest power density available on the market – enabling far brighter lights from smaller footprints.

Onboard Thermal Protection

Lumishore LEDs are never stressed from excess heat. LEDs are bonded to a thermal core for fast efficient heat extraction of heat from led die – improved reliability and efficiency.

High-output, High-quality LEDs

Lumishore uses he most efficient LEDs used on all colors channels, ensuring each color channel RGBW is exceptionally bright and produces the highest amount of lumens per watt.

Individual LEDs – Not 4-way Chips!

Lumishore uses individual LEDs for color consistency – not 4-way chips which cannot be tightly binned.  This ensures higher outputs and color consistency.

Integrating Spheres

Every light is measured and compared on calibrated equipment to NIST standards ensuring consistency of output and color match.

Lumishore Lights – Design Standards

All Lumishore lights have full 10-31volt input range, are EMC compliant, voltage spike protected, reverse polarity protected, over /under voltage protection, and meet ISO8846 ignition protection requirements.


All lights drivers and controllers sealed to IP68 or IP67 standards as appropriate.


All Lumishore systems are plug-and-play for multi-color lights ensuring ease and accuracy of installation.

Communication Technology

Lumishore Systems use proprietary communication protocols to send commands and ensure all lights are synchronized. At all times. Lumishore Protocols uniquely provide 2-way (lights ‘talk’ to controllers as well as controllers 'talk' to lights) communication, which allows enhanced functionality, and real-time reporting and feedback to the control system.

Lensing and Beam Patterns

All Lumishore underwater lights use the widest possible beam patterns. Our lenses are optically perfect in order to provide clear even beams for that perfect ‘swimming pool’ effect avoiding the inherent disadvantages of focused lenses and their poor optical coverage.