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Republishing, embedding and linking to Lumishore

We encourage the Lumishore community, news media, and our B2B partners to share Lumishore product imagery and photography with their friends, fans, readers and customers to help spread the word about our innovative products through social media, reseller merchandising, and industry publications.


High-Resolution Photo Requests

Select the image(s) you would like to receive from our Photo Gallery, send your request along with your contact information and details listed below and high-resolution versions (if available) will be sent to you along with a photo credit that must be used in full when publishing Lumishore photos.

• Name of publication/outlet
• Publication date
• Preferred file format

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Requests for Interview

Requests for interviews should be directed to Lumishore Marketing, with the email subject PRESS REQUEST. Your email should include the following information:

• Name of publication/outlet
• Brief description of your request
• Proposed publication date
• Your deadline

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EOS Series - Color Change

• Surface Mounts: [SMX93.pdf]  |  [SMX153.pdf]

• Thru-Hull:  [THX803.pdf]  |  [THX1603.pdf]

• Interchangeable Thru-Hull:  [TIX403.pdf]  |  [TIX803.pdf]  |  [TIX1603.pdf]

• Retro-fit:  [TRX802.pdf]

• Superyacht:  ['Compact' SY220.pdf]  |  ['Standard' SY250.pdf]]  |  ['Louvre' SY300/310.pdf]

• Controllers: [EOS STV2204-i.pdf]  |  [Lumi-Link Command Center.pdf]  |  [EOS WiFi Lumi-App.pdf] 

• Hub:  [EOS i-Connect Hub.pdf]

SUPRA Series - Dual Color

• Surface Mount (P-Series polymer):  [SMX22.pdf]  |  [SMX52.pdf]

• Surface Mounts (M-Series metal):  [SMX23.pdf]  |  [SMX53.pdf]

• Thru-Hull:  [THX403.pdf]  |  [THX803.pdf]  |  [THX1603.pdf]

• Interchangeable Thru-Hull:  [TIX403.pdf]  |  [TIX803.pdf]  |  [TIX1603.pdf]

• Retro-fit:  [TRX802.pdf]

• Superyacht:  ['Standard' SY250.pdf]  |  ['Louvre' SY300/310.pdf] 

• Controller (P-Series SMX 22/52 models):  [Lumi-Switch.pdf]

• Controllers (M-Series SMX53 model):  [SUPRA i-Connect Hub Switch.pdf]  |  [Lumi-Link Bridge.pdf]

• Hub (P-Series SMX 22/52 models):  [SUPRA SMX Lumi-Hub.pdf]

• Hub (M-Series SMX 53 model):  [SUPRA SMX i-Connect Hub.pdf]

• Hub & Switch (THX/TIX models):  [SUPRA TIX/THX i-Connect Installation Kit.pdf]  |  [Lumi-Link Bridge.pdf]

ORA Series - Single Color

• Surface Mount:  [SMX11.pdf]

• Interchangeable Thru-Hull:  [TIX202.pdf]

• Thru-Hull:  [THX203.pdf]

• Retro-fit:  [TRX802.pdf]

• Superyacht:  ['Compact' SY220.pdf]

LUMI-CAM - Underwater HD Camera

• Interchangeable Thru-Hull UW HD Camera: [Lumi-Cam TIX402.pdf]


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