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SUPRA Lumi-Hubs

Junction Box for SUPRA Series Lights

SUPRA Lumi-Hubs are advanced junction boxes specifically designed for ease of installation of your Lumishore SUPRA Series underwater lights and controllers offering reduced cabling runs to and from the helm.

For installations that exceed amperage ratings for either a standard Carling-style switch or Lumi-Switch, Lumishore provides purpose-built SUPRA Lumi-Hubs designed and constructed for the harsh marine environment.

While not required, these four-light junction boxes with marine grade relays simplify and centralize all light and switch connections. Additional SUPRA Lumi-Hubs may be added for larger installations.


Key Features & Benefits:

• SUPRA Lumi-Hubs are advanced Junction Boxes for SUPRA Series SMX & THX/TIX lights (2016/17 models)

• Specifically designed for ease of installation

• Connects up to 4 lights per Lumi-Hub, additional Hubs may be added

• Built-in screw terminals for all connections

• Built-in switching power relays

• Replaceable blade fuse for each light

• Status indication LED for each light

• Housing Type: Robust Weatherproof IP67 PVC (Flame retardant and halogen-free)

• Compatibility: SUPRA Series SMX22/52/102, THX402/802/1602, and TIX402/802/1602 underwater lighting systems


Downloads (pdf):

Specification Sheet (for SMX light models)

Specification Sheet (for THX/TIX light models)

Installation & Operation Manual (for SMX light models)

Installation & Operation Manual (for THX/TIX light models)