Underwater and above water LED Lighting for Boats

A vibrant component of any boating experience

Benefits of Lumishore:

  • Brighter and more powerful lighting with a wider beam angle than competitor offerings – fewer fixtures required
  • Best price performance lumen-per-watt on the market
  • Choice of mounting types, colors, and control devices, including MFD integration, that best suit the boat and owner
  • Preset and customizable colors, cycles, speeds, sweeps, modes, and brightness adjust
  • Full Warranty of up to 3-years

Mounting Types:

  • Surface Mount (SMX) - typically mounted on the transom of boats up to 40', easy to install, built-in driver
  • Thru-Hull (THX) - offers a more secure through-hull fitting with a standard 1" shaft, flush-fit, ideal for transom, side and bottom hull mounting, comes with an external driver
  • Interchangeable Thru-Hull (TIX) - offers the most secure through-hull fitting, flush-fit, ideal for transom, side and bottom hull mounting, serviceable from inside the hull without hauling, built-in driver

Beam Angles:

  • 60° - Focused beam, creates a more direct beam of light
  • 90° - Wide beam, creates a nice halo effect around the vessel
  • 110° - Ultra-wide beam, the widest available, creates an uninterrupted halo of light around the vessel

Color Options:

  • ORA Series - Single Color (Blue, White or Green)
  • SUPRA Series - Dual Color (Blue & White) in a single high-powered fixture
  • EOS Series - Full Spectrum Color Change (Any Color!)