Warranty Statement

Lumishore leads the way in marine LED lighting technology. Our engineering team is committed to the design, development, and manufacture of the brightest, most advanced lighting products available. It is this LED lighting expertise, coupled with unprecedented control and networking capabilities, that is uniquely available in Lumishore underwater and above water lighting. All Lumishore products are designed and manufactured in our own facility in the UK.

Misuse, abuse, improper installation, neglect, improper shipping, damage caused by disasters (e.g. fire, flood and lightening), installation by unqualified personnel, unauthorized repair or modification will void this warranty. For the avoidance of confusion and doubt, non-compliance with all installation, maintenance and operating instructions in this document constitute non-conformance with warranty terms.

Please note: warranty is only available for Lumishore’s current product line - listed on www.lumishore.com

One year warranty

SMX Underwater Lights *SMX11 only*

Two year warranty

LUX Above Water Lights
SMX Underwater Lights
THX + TIX Underwater Lights
TRX Underwater Lights
SY Weld-in Underwater Lights

Three year warranty

SY Weld-in Lights - extended 3 year warranty available when optional commissioning service is included

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