Under Water Lighting

Next level marine LED lighting

Lumishore builds the brightest, most reliable, high-performance underwater LED lighting solutions for boats of all sizes, using state of the art technology and the highest quality materials.

Due to their unrivalled brightness, Lumishore underwater lights have the farthest reach together with the widest beam angles, allowing the light to penetrate deep into the water, to create a beautiful, uninterrupted halo of light around your vessel.

Full Color Control And
RGBW Lights

The only fully controllable color change underwater lights available on the market, delivering the greatest range of colors, scenes and zones. Due to Lumishore’s intelligent, dynamic channel management, EOS underwater lights are brighter in every color and mixed colors.

Unique light discovery and light auto-install function simplifies the system setup and reduces installation time.

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Dual Color Change Lights

‘2-lights-in-1’ in a single high-powered fixture. White and blue each run at full power without sacrificing brightness. Synchronized fade and strobe modes, plus unique plug-and-play connectivity to MFDs.

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Single Color Lights

The brightest single-colored lights in the most compact fittings!

  • Blue: most versatile for changing water conditions
  • White: best in clear, shallow, sandy waters
  • Green: best for murky, green or brown waters

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Surface Mounts (SMX)

  • Compact yet extremely powerful with up to 6,100 Fixture Lumens
  • Wide 90º beam angle creates a beautiful lighting effect
  • Internal/ built-in driver for ease of installation
  • Install to hull surface with 3 screws and small piercing for the cable
  • Marine Bronze body with BK7 borosilicate glass lens, to withstand the marine environment
  • Transom and side mounting

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Thru-Hull (THX)

  • Most secure mounting type, suitable for transom, side and bottom
  • External driver for ease of light unit installation in constrained spaces
  • Most powerful Thru-Hull units available - up to 17,000 Fixture Lumens
  • Ultra-wide 110º beam angle means the light saturates deep into the water and allows optimum light spacing

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Interchangeable Thru-Hull (TIX)

  • Most secure mounting type, with the added benefit of an internal LED array and integrated driver for the ability to service from inside the hull and easy installation
  • Extremely bright, yet compact design is suitable for uniquely minimal hull cut-outs (as small as 1”/27mm)

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HD Camera

Lumi-Cam brings all the amazing detail of magnificent sea life and beautiful underwater terrain to life in vivid high-definition color.

The world’s smallest Full HD Mega Pixel (1080p) underwater camera is compact and ‘flush-fit’ in design, allowing it to be mounted nearly anywhere on the hull.

It’s integrated internal module makes for simple installation.

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