Lighting Control Systems

Lumi-Link Command Center

This is the key to controlling your LUX above water lights and EOS underwater lights directly from your MFD, smart device and/or optional Lumishore STV 2204-i Display.

Simply connect the Lumi-Link Command Center - and smart control for your lighting fixtures will appear automatically. It’s that easy! No other controllers or digital switches are necessary.

Simple to set up and use, owners can control the lights by zone and create lighting scenes to match any mood.

The Over-the-Air (OTA) feature allows software updates for new features and improvements, by connecting to a laptop or PC via Wi-Fi. The Lumi-Link Command Center is required for all LUX above water lights and Full Color Change EOS Series lights (excl. SMX93).

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Lumi-Link SUPRA Bridge

The Lumi-Link SUPRA Bridge allows full feature control of your Dual Color SUPRA Series light systems from your connected MFD, smart device and/or optional Lumishore STV 2204-i Display (excl. SMX23).

Lumi-Link’s SUPRA Bridge configuration genie will find and configure all lighting fixtures in the system when turned on. Unlock the full experience!

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Flexible Display and Control Options


Take full control of your Lumishore Full Color Change (EOS) or Dual Color Change (SUPRA) Series Underwater Lights and LUX Above Water Lights directly from your MFD. Simply connect the Lumi-Link Command Center to your MFD with a single plug-&- play cable.

The intuitive interface includes a simple-to-use color wheel for cold and warm whites, full color selection, horizontal slide bars for quick adjustments to lighting intensity and white balance in each color. Control lighting across multiple zones with optional presets and choose from pre-programmed effect modes, like strobe, sweep or cycle, and the unique ‘sound-to-light’.

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Current compatible MFD models include:

Garmin OneHelm™ / Raymarine Axiom and Axiom Pro / Simrad NSO EVO3 and EVO2, NSS EVO3 and selected Go models (Go7 XSR / Go9 / Go12) / B&G Zeus3 Glass Helm, Zeus3 and Vulcan/Furuno NavNet TZtouch3 series (TZT12F / TZT16F / TZT19F)


An optional secondary display, which can be used in addition to, or instead of an MFD. This dedicated glass-bridge style, touch display and rotary dial is easy to manipulate when cruising, or with wet/salty hands.

Compatible with your LUX Above Water Lights and Full Color Change (EOS) and Dual color (SUPRA) Series Underwater Lights, with Bridge Module (excl. SMX23). The STV 2204-I Display features built in Wi-Fi control.

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Standard on/off switch (customer supplied)

A standard switch provides on/off functions for your Lumishore single color (ORA Series) models and dual color (SUPRA Series) models SMX23, SMX53, and RGBW SMX93.

SUPRA Installation/ Upgrade Kit (i-Connect Hub & Switch)

Select the SUPRA Installation/Upgrade Kit to enhance the function of your Dual Color SUPRA Lights. It’s plug-&-play junction box makes for easy installation and includes the fuses and easy-connect terminals for the lights and the switch.

This kit is required for all underwater TIX/THX models and optional for the SMX53.

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