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The Global leader in marine LED systems

Since 2008, Lumishore has been committed to delivering innovative, feature-rich, and fully integrated marine LED lighting solutions, offering stunning and personalized smart lighting effects both above and below the waterline.

At Lumishore, we specialize in designing and building comprehensive lighting systems for a diverse range of vessels. Whether you own an open RIB, a dayboat, a sophisticated cruiser, or one of the world's most prestigious superyachts, our advanced marine lighting solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs.


No matter the size of your boat, Lumishore is dedicated to helping you achieve the perfect lighting effect!

Innovation is key to everything we do

It's what sets us apart and drives us to continuously push our boundaries and standards, year after year, to deliver the most beautiful marine lighting systems.

Our journey begins with innovation and with you, our customer. We understand your needs, anticipate future changes, and innovate to stay ahead, ensuring we always exceed your expectations.

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Dedication and attention to detail resonate deeply with our world-class engineering experts, ensuring Lumishore remains at the forefront of marine lighting innovation.


We design, develop, and manufacture our entire portfolio of LED lighting systems in-house, utilizing premium marine-grade materials.

Each new product design undergoes rigorous life tests to ensure it meets the demands of the harsh marine environment.

We manufacture and test our products to the highest internationally recognized standards, guaranteeing our customers consistent performance and long-lasting durability.

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Lumishore is the market value leader in marine LED lighting, for boats of all sizes, from the smallest RIBS and tenders, to the world’s largest Superyachts.

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