Interior and exterior illumination


Lumishore shatters the innovation mould with its new LUX Lighting Collection.   Delivering an industry-first LED feature set specifically designed and developed for the marine Industry, LUX offers unmatched flexibility and control with unique, full spectrum CRGBW (Cold white,  Red, Green, Blue, Warm white) as well as white tuneable color temperature all in the same light.

Available in CRGBW Down lights, Neon Flex, Strip Lights, Courtesy  Lights and Fusion Speaker Drivers, LUX simplifies the selection process, ensures a balanced and unified look for any installation, and allows boaters to choose from a complete color palette to suit both mood and preference.

Controlled by any combination of momentary switch, Multi-Function Display plug-and-play connectivity  with the world’s leading MFD manufacturers, or optional Lumishore Display, the groundbreaking LUX Lighting Collection elevates vessel lighting to a previously unattainable experience !

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