08 Jan 2024

Lumishore Leads the Way into a Greener Future with Enhanced Outputs for Underwater Lights in 2024

January 8th, 2024

Lumishore, the global leader in marine LED lighting, proudly reveals its latest breakthrough: a promise of brighter waters and a greener future through enhanced outputs for all its underwater lights in 2024. The innovative leap not only elevates underwater lighting standards but also highlights Lumishore’s commitment to superior performance, enhanced durability, value and an eco-conscious design, setting a new benchmark for sustainable marine illumination.

Brighter Outputs

In the dynamic landscape of marine lighting, Lumishore continues to lead the way with its latest development, offering greater outputs that redefine industry standards. The 2024 models build upon the success of their existing underwater lighting collection, maintaining familiarity while elevating the lighting experience through increased brightness and efficiency. Lumishore's commitment to excellence shines through as these models set a new benchmark for boat builders and industry professionals seeking cutting-edge lighting solutions.

Eifrion Evans, Lumishore CEO, expresses his excitement about the latest output adjustment, stating; "At Lumishore, we are dedicated to pushing technological boundaries and integrating cutting-edge solutions that enhance output, efficiency and value. These updated models guarantee brighter waters but also unmatched durability, ensuring a reliable lighting solution for every marine adventure, aligning with our mission to lead the industry towards a more sustainable future."

Lumishore prioritises its customers, maintaining the reliability and performance the brand is renowned for in their new and improved collection of underwater lights. Evans adds; "With advanced technology and software engineering, we've enhanced these qualities, ensuring our commitment to customer satisfaction shines through in every installation. To showcase our confidence in reliability and quality, Lumishore proudly now offers a 3-year warranty across all its products."

In an era where sustainability matters, Lumishore's latest underwater light offerings set a new standard. The advanced technology maximises brightness, enhanced efficiency and value, delivering more lumens per watt than ever before. This commitment to efficiency ensures boaters can enjoy superior brightness without compromising on sustainability, paving the way for a greener future on the water.

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