01 Oct 2019

Lumishore Launches World's First Marine-Grade Fully Color-Tunable DC Smart Lighting - The Lux Lighting Collection

Sarasota, Fla. and Swansea UK – Lumishore, manufacturer of high-performance LED marine lighting systems, announced today the world’s first and only marine-grade, fully color-tunable, DC smart lighting, developed specifically for the marine environment – The Lumishore LUX Lighting Collection.

The LUX Lighting system, comprised of new strip, Neon Flex, down and courtesy fixtures adds to the company’s existing line of underwater lights. All can be centrally controlled from any combination of the world’s leading multifunction displays (MFDs), Lumishore touch-screen display, switches and any internet capable device like a smartphone or tablet. Delivering industry-first capability, LUX offers full spectrum, CRGBW, color-tunable and white temperature tunable lighting all in the same DC fixture for an unlimited combination of colors and intensity. The centrally controlled nature of LUX ensures color consistency throughout the entire vessel for a balanced and unified look. It also allows boaters to choose from a complete color palette to suit both mood and preference. Simple to set up and use, owners can easily control the lights by zone and create dramatic lighting scenes.

Each fixture has five-channel CRGBW (Cold-white/Red/Green/Blue/Warm-white) LEDs. The benefit of CRGBW lights with cold and warm white over RGB/RGBW is to produce the highest CRI (color rendition index), to ensure colors remain faithful to the way the human eye sees them in natural sunlight. By integrating these LEDs directly into the fixture, Lumishore lights are able to produce an almost infinite combination of hues, saturation and temperature, which has never been done before in a DC-powered LED light. In addition, all units are designed for both interior and exterior installation, even in the harshest marine environment. The innovative LUX line includes:

Strip Lights

Lumishore’s LUX Strip Lighting is available in 4 model types, with internal and external installation options, bright 90 LEDs per meter and super-bright 180 LEDs per meter. LUX CRGBW Strip Lights can be used to add ambience with a subtle lighting effect – perfect for indirect mood lighting in relaxing areas. They can also be used to accentuate and highlight architectural features on the boat for a strong visual impact. Clips are supplied to allow the product to simply snap into place.

Neon Flex

Where standard strip lights leave the LED dots visible when in direct line of sight or reflecting on glossy surfaces, the cleverly designed diffusion layer of the super-bright 180 LEDs per meter Neon Flex Strip Lights blends the CRGBW LED light to create a homogenous, dot-free experience. Its side bend flex allows it to adjust around curved surfaces making it ideal for installing under gunwales, cabin headliners or T-tops.

Down Lights

Available in three models with 65mm, 50mm fittings and an Anti-Glare fitting, the new CRGBW Down Lights are the perfect combination of quality, performance and style, making them ideal for interior and/or exterior overhead lighting. Down light models are finished in silver, white or black bezels with a hard-anodized aluminum body. Additionally, the LUX DL65 Down Lights models are the first marine-grade down lights with an anti-glare option within the same low-profile unit, specifically designed for low cabin ceiling heights. Whether it be for general, accent, ambient or task lighting purposes, Lumishore’s Down Lights complement and satisfy any context specific requirements.

Courtesy Lights

Lumishore’s LUX CRGBW Courtesy Lights are perfect for lighting pathways, stairs and architectural elements of a boat, while at the same time creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Fusion LED Speaker Driver

In partnership with Fusion, Lumishore has launched a full-function LED driver enabling integration of Fusion LED speakers into the LUX lighting system. This allows full sound-to-light functionality from an MFD, Lumishore display or smart device. The driver controls up to 96 speaker LED light rings.

“The groundbreaking Lumishore LUX line elevates vessel lighting to previously unattainable heights providing the perfect mixture of ambience, style, functionality and comfort,” said Eifrion Evans, CEO, Lumishore. “We took our years of experience developing superior LED technology and put our expertise into designing a completely new product line of above-water lights unlike anything seen in this market before. The LUX line is the most brilliant, tunable LED lighting available and offers the most intuitive and feature-rich interface on the market.”

The unique smart lighting capabilities of Lumishore’s marine-grade LUX Lighting system allows users to control the lighting on their vessel with a simple to use palette wheel for color selection, horizontal slide bar for quick adjustments to lighting intensity and white balance in each RGB color, and control lighting across multiple zones with optional presets, as well as the ability to choose from pre-programmed effect modes like strobe, sweep or cycle and the unique ‘Sound-to-Light’, which makes for the ultimate party accessory. In addition, the Lumi-Link Command Center has an input for “triggers” allowing for programable lighting events through a vessel’s MFD. For example, when arriving at a boat’s home port at night, GPS coordinates can “trigger” the lights to go into “berthing scene”. Alternatively, upon arrival to the water, a “welcome to your boat” lighting scene can be triggered.

The Lux Lighting System has, pre-release, already been incorporated into a number of leading boat manufacturers’ offerings, both in the US and Europe.

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