ORA Series - Single Color
Interchangeable Thru-Hull

TIX202 lights are compact and low profile and offer unparalleled performance for small to medium size boats flooding the water with 4,100 fixture lumens of light in a focused 60° beam.

All Lumishore Thru-Hulls are ‘flush-fit’ with extremely low profiles, suitable for transom, side and bottom mounting.

TIX models feature an internal driver; servicing can be done without hauling.

Choose from 3 LED colors: blue, white or green.

Easily controlled by a standard  on/off switch.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Choice of 3 single-colored lights: white, blue or green
  • TIX models (Interchangeable Thru-Hull) may be serviced without hauling the vessel
  • TIX models feature an internal driver
  • 4,100 verified fixture lumens
  • Focused 60° beam angle
  • 3-Year Warranty