ORA Series - Single Color

THX203, the world's first ultra-slim thru-hull light with a shaft of just 16mm (just over 5/8") diameter and 96mm long (3-3/4" long), is ideal for boat owners seeking the security of a thru-hull fitting with the hull cut-out and price point of a surface mount. 

The petite thru-hull is type-approved and can be fitted nearly anywhere on transoms, hull sides and bottoms of almost any type of boat up to 24m (80’). Simple 2-wire installation with no external drivers make this one of the easiest thru-hull lights to install.

Choose from 2 LED colors: blue or white.

Easily controlled by a standard  on/off switch.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Choice of 2 single-colored lights: white or blue
  • THX203 (Thru-Hull) features an ultra-slim thru-hull shaft
  • THX203 features an internal driver
  • 5,600 verified fixture lumens
  • Ultra-wide110° beam angle
  • 2-Year Warranty