SUPRA Series - Dual Color
Surface Mount

‘2-lights-in-1’ (blue & white) in a single high-powered bronze surface mount fixture without sacrificing brightness; both colors run at full power. 

SMX23 features 2,500 fixture lumens in a wide 90° beam of light.

At just 70mm diameter (2-3/4”) the new compact SMX23 can be fit nearly anywhere on the hull, including stepped hulls, transoms, and hull sides of most any type of boat. Built-in driver and simple 2-wire connections make installation easier than ever. 

Controlled by a standard on/off switch to easily switch between colors, fade colors, and strobe. 

Key Features & Benefits

  • Full-power dual color (blue & white) without sacrificing brightness
  • SMX models (Surface Mount) utilize a small hole through the hull for the power cable
  • SMX models feature built-in driver
  • 2,500 verified fixture lumens
  • Wide 90° beam angle
  • Simple 2-wire installation
  • 2-Year Warranty