SUPRA Series - Dual Color
Interchangeable Thru-Hull

‘2-lights-in-1’ (blue & white) in a single high-powered fixture without sacrificing brightness; both colors run at full power.

Easily switch between colors, fade colors, adjust brightness, and strobe in two speeds. 

All Lumishore Thru-Hulls are ‘flush-fit’ with extremely low profiles, suitable for transom, side and bottom mounting.

TIX models are interchangeable with an internal driver; servicing and future upgrades can be done without hauling.

Controlled by the SUPRA i-Connect Hub & Switch, or directly from your compatible MFD when you add the SUPRA Lumi-Link Bridge Module.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Full-power dual color (blue & white) without sacrificing brightness
  • Control TIX1603 with the SUPRA i-Connect Hub & Switch or new Lumi-Link for control directly from your compatible MFD
  • TIX models (Interchangeable Thru-Hull) may be serviced without hauling the vessel
  • TIX models feature an internal driver
  • 17,000 verified fixture lumens
  • Ultra-wide 110° beam angle
  • 3-Year Warranty