Lumishore’s new LUX NEON FLEX lights make a beautiful difference in the interior or exterior appearance of any vessel. Uniquely integrating separate cold white, warm white as well as RGB LEDs in a flexible silicon extrusion, the LUX Neon Flex is the world’s first fully white tunable and color tunable Neon Flex light.

The cold and warm white LEDS allow  any blend of white color temperature to be selected, from 2700K to 6500K, and additionally allow the white balance to be mixed with any RGB color in the spectrum to mix create the most beautiful color hues, from subtle to vivid.

Unlike standard strip lights which leave LED dots visible in direct-line-of-sight and on glossy surfaces, the LUX Neon Flex’s cleverly designed diffusion layer blends the LED light to create a beautiful homogeneous, dot-free lighting effect. it is bright enough for direct illumination .


The Neon Flex high quality light output can be used in place of other forms of lighting within the cabin. The silicon outer extrusion of the LUX Neon Flex is IP67 rated and UV resistant, for installation indoors or outdoors. Its side bend flex allows it to adjust around curved surfaces making it ideal for installing under gunwales, cabin headliners or T-tops. For easy installation, clips can be supplied that allow the product to simply snap into place.

LUX Neon Flex can be used to add ambience with a subtle lighting effect – perfect for indirect mood lighting in relaxing areas. They can also be used to accentuate and highlight architectural features on the boat or yacht for strong visual impact, creating that wow effect.

Controllable via a momentary switch, you also have the option to upgrade to full connectivity to your compatible MFD* and/or Lumishore STV2204-i Display**.

*Lumi-Link allows you to control your lighting system directly from your MFD, currently compatible with:

  • Garmin - OneHelm
  • Raymarine - Axiom and Axiom Pro
  • Simrad - NSO EVO3 and EVO2,NSS EVO3 and selected Go models 
    (Go7 XSR/Go9/Go12)
  • B&G - Zeus3 Glass Helm, Zeus3 and Vulcan
  • Furuno - NavNet TZtouch3 series

**Please note that the Lumi-Link Command Center is required for MFD and/or Lumishore Display integration





Indoor and outdoor installation

Full Spectrum CRGBW and White

Colour Temperature Tunable